Screening Bucket Hire in London and South East

Screening Bucket Hire For maximum re-use of materials

If you are looking for Screening Bucket Hire you have come to the right website. Screening Buckets have a wide range of uses including:

  • Creation of topsoil in wet and dry conditions
  • Separate fine/rough fraction from all sorts of materials
  • Construction waste and contaminated soil can be screened and crushed
  • Pulverisation of frozen/cloddy soils or materials
  • Stabilisation of clay and contaminated soils
  • Making soil mixtures
  • Screening of top and wet soil, peat
  • Screening and mixing of sludge for composting
  • Screening, crushing and mixing biowaste
  • Screening and crushing of bark and twigs
  • Crushing of glass bottles and jars

We can advise you of the best bucket for your needs and provide you with the technical information to ensure our buckets will fit your excavators if you do not require one of ours.

Screening Bucket Hire range

Lloyd Rotary Screening Buckets to fit 8-20 tonne excavators
20 Tonne – Screen size 50mm x 50mm square
14 Tonne – Screen size 40mm x 40mm and 15mm x 15mm square mesh
8 Tonne = Screen size 50mm x 50mm and 12mm x 12mm square mesh (This bucket will fit a JCB)

Lloyd Rotastar
20 Tonne -  20mm teeth setting

14 tonne – 15mm and 25mm teeth setting

Screening Buckets save substantial costs on transportation and buying in of materials

Case Study 1 – London Cemetery

A large Cemetery in East London was buying in substantial amounts of topsoil for use with the levelling graves that have subsided, turfing and general maintenance throughout the site. There is a large area of wasteland within the Cemetery boundary which has been used for disposing of rubbish for over 100 years. Using our Allu Screening Bucket over 1000 tonnes of topsoil was generated in 30 hours hire. This saved the Cemetery substantial costs. The Allu Screening Bucket can screen as fine as 15mm.

Watch video of the Allu Screning Bucket in action

Case Study 2 – Cody Dock

A local East End Charity are currently in the process of redeveloping Cody Dock in Canning Town into a mooring place, museum and cultural centre. The Dock which had been unused had become the dumping ground for building waste as the surrounding area was developed for industrial use. With limited funds available recycling of these materials was essential. One of our Lloyd Rotary Screening Buckets was an ideal solution to allow the materials from the dock to be screened into usable topsoil and material which could be sent away for crushing into type 1. This material was then sent back and reused in the creation of a reed bed.

Watch the Lloyd Screening Bucket in action

Screening Bucket Hire Nationwide

We can arrange delivery nationwide by courier by arrangement.

Video Links to Our Screening Buckets in Action

Video 1 – Allu Screening Bucket

Video 2 – JCB Compatible Lloyd Screening Bucket

Video 3 –

Video 4 – Lloyd Screening Bucket

The Allu Screening Bucket The Allu Screening Bucket
Star Screening Bucket Star Screening Bucket